Bianca Ceramica – Ceramic Paint White



It is an acrylic-based, solvent-based, one-component, chemical and physical resistant paint that can be easily applied to surfaces such as tiles, ceramics, marble, granite and concrete.


It can be applied on bathroom, kitchen, balcony, terrace ceramics, all kinds of tiles, marble, granite, porcelain, glass mosaic, concrete.

• Single component and easy to apply.
• Abrasive U.V. It is resistant to rays.
• It has high adherence to difficult surfaces.
• Resistant to water and steam formed in wet places.

Stacks and protrusions that impair the smoothness of the surfaces to be applied. Application surfaces; It should be robust, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust, clean and dry. For best performance, the varnish should be applied with a roller in two coats. Wait 24 hours between coats. After the 2-coat painting process is completed, it should not be used for 1 day, should not be contacted with water for 3 days and should be used carefully. It becomes resistant to chemicals after 7 days.
During application, the surface and ambient temperature should be between +5ºC and +30ºC.

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