Kale Volt Rotating Kitchen Faucet



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1.1. Any material of our product that comes into contact with water does not pose a health risk.

1.2. The product is designed to operate between ambient temperature (+5°C) (+65°C). For conditions below (+5°C), take the necessary precautions to prevent your battery from being affected by frost.

1.3. Water pressure operating range: 0.5 bar (Dynamic pressure) – 10 bar (Static pressure)

1.4. Recommended working pressure: 1 – 5 bar (Dynamic pressure)

1.5. Temperature operating range: (+5°C) (+80°C)

1.6. Recommended maximum temperature: (+60°C) 1.7

Output Length: 181 mm

Output Height: 94 mm

360° swivel spout

35mm ceramic cartridge

40% water savings with flow regulator

Additional information

Weight 1,50 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27 × 8 cm


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